What can you expect as a Van Woerden Flevo customer? We are committed to organically grown and processed products, to an innovative approach, with respect for the environment and personal contact with our customers.

As a pioneer in Flevoland, Van Woerden Flevo made the move towards organic farming in 1994. Born from a desire for responsible soil and environmental management, the business has developed into a professional organic arable farming operation. And whilst Van Woerden Flevo has of course increased the number of hectares it farms, developing expertise in organic farming and soil conditions has been a more essential ingredient for its growth.

The third generation of Van Woerden Flevo
Today, 25 years later, the third generation of the Van Woerden Flevo family-owned business is ensuring continuity by means of new investments. Thus, market demands can be met better, without diverting from consistent organic quality. Together with his family, Stefan van Woerden is still enjoying the growth and prosperity both of his business and of the crops on the fields every day.

‘Whenever I travel along the polder, I enjoy everything I see around me. The fields where you can watch the crops grow and mature are still a fascinating sight to me. Each and every phase is very special for me, from sowing and growing to harvesting.
We have chosen to grow products using organic and ecological methods, with due respect for nature and the environment. In doing so, we are keen to contribute towards the maintenance of soil quality and healthy food.

Stefan van Woerden