Over and above organic cultivation, we take care of washing, polishing, hydro cooling and grading of carrots and potatoes in our in-house processing room.

Closed chain

The organic and BRC-certified processing of potatoes and carrots on our processing lines guarantees increased delivery reliability whilst enabling the provision of customised products.

Natural methods

Sustainable operations form the very basis of our activity. By using the water purification facility installed within our premises, we contribute towards a natural and organic water supply, through recycling.


We personally look after processing – ranging from washing, polishing, hydro cooling, grading/packing to storage – and, hence, we can offer our clients a custom-processed product. All year round. For available possibilities, just ask.

Washing and polishing

We can wash our carrots and potatoes, direct from the field or after storage, in our processing lines. This ensures that you benefit from an even fresher and better product, sure to satisfy your requirements. Furthermore, we provide the facility of polishing and hydro cooling for carrots.

Van Woerden Flevo - organic processing
Van Woerden Flevo - organic carrots in big bag

Grading and packing

We can grade and select carrots and potatoes according to different size standards. Our potatoes and carrots are packed in big bags as standard. However, we can satisfy all packing requests for a range of products.

Fully certified

Safety and trust are essential to Van Woerden, both internally, and to provide security for our customers. We have been assessed by various testing institutes and rewarded with quality certificates. Skal, Global Gap and BRC are but a few examples.

Van Woerden Flevo fully certified organic processing

‘We will be happy to discuss possibilities with you’

By using our own processing lines, we reduce our carbon footprint and the number of food miles whilst providing our clients with the guarantee of an organic, customised product.

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Harvested today
on the shelf tomorrow

The best quality, on an organic basis. We are capable of processing our crops quickly after harvesting and packing them to size. The crops that are still in our soil today will be on the store shelf tomorrow. 

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